I just wanted to say thanks again for an amazing massage! Not only did I feel wonderful, but it really made a difference with my chronic pain. You have that rare blend of skill, intuition, and talent. I’ll be back!  -Blessings,  Heather”


“The massages I have received from Angela were amazing.  She knew exactly how much pressure to apply and when.  She knew what questions to ask to find out what areas to focus on.  She worked out every knot I had.  I came away totally relaxed and clear minded.  From the moment I was done with the 1st massage I started telling friends and co-workers about her.  I highly recommend Angela.” -Teca


 I love Angela’s vibrant and positive energy. She is so fun to be around that every time I see her I want to laugh and give her a high five. The first time we met, she gave me lots of good stretching advice, and she uses coconut oil with is a bonus for my sensitive skin. She seems to be very intuitive as well, and made comments throughout my massages about different aspects of my life and history relating to my body, which felt a bit Reiki-ish but not as intense (which for me, is a good thing). I have gotten tons of massages throughout my life, and have friends who are massage therapists, etc. I would rate Angela’s technical skill very high for a treatment massage. She uses a lot of different techniques. I hope I can get another massage from her soon.  


I just had the most incredible massage from Angela.   I happen to also be a massage therapist, and sometimes I’ll try out new places/new massage therapists to check out other styles and techniques (plus being a bodyworker can pay a toll on one’s own body, so I try to get worked on at least once a month).  Needless to say, I’ve experienced a lot of different massages over the years, and Angela is by far one of my favorite therapists I’ve encountered (maybe because she has a style similar to my own).  She applies deep pressure with intention, but not so deep to the point of pain which causes the body to tense up. She listens to what the body needs to find the right amount of pressure to get the knots worked out.

It was also deeply relaxing.  I think there was a moment where I was so blissed out that I forgot I was getting a massage.  Often times when I get massaged, there are parts of the session that I love and some that I’m like “eh” or even hate, but I loved every moment of Angela’s massage!


 My therapist was Angela–and she is truly gifted.  I woke up one morning and my neck was all kinked up, and it was restricting my ability to turn my head from side to side.  It had been hurting for days and Angela fixed it in one 60 minute massage.  She’s wonderful.  I booked another one for this Saturday, I was so pleased!

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