About Angela

I’m a working single mother and know first hand that juggling work, family and time for yourself can be challenging. I left my mortgage finance job to pursue my dream of becoming a massage therapist. It was important for me to model having the courage to follow your dreams. Many of us grew up and live in touch starved world. I believe massage can provide the space in which one is truly seen as the beautiful soul they are.

My upbringing, my previous careers, life lessons, over coming so many obstacles (seriously I don’t know where I got my persistence from), I believe has led me the ability to relate to others on a deeper level.

I trained and graduated from Brenneke School of Massage now called Cortiva Institute in 2008.  The training I recieved was based o

Additional Training worth mentioning:

I trained directly under Robert Lester II for almost 3 years. Robert Lester is a master healer and teacher and founder of One People Foundation and is well established within the community. With his training I’ve learned accupressure, taoist and native american healing.  Through this mentorship I’ve learned to deepen my listening and hone my intuitive approach and bring in my spirituality.  I’m honored that I had the opportunity to recieve his training and guidence.

Kolleen Kolhrus I instantantly connected within minutes of her first class I took. I learned grace and explored the many facets of myself.  I loved her teachings so much I took an Intro to Lomi Lomi followed by a 7 day Lomi Lomi intensive training on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kolleen has an extensive Lomi Lomi history, she has solely immersed herself in the art of Lomi Lomi, it’s teachings and principals.  Kolleen Kohlrus is a gifted and compassionate teacher and owner of Hawaiian Island Massage. She travels across the country to bring the gift of Lomi Lomi with others. With her teaching I have 82 hours of CEU


Thank you for your interest in massage I look forward to hearing from you.
Angela Sonia, LMP
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