Self Care lesson from my daughter

Self Care is all around us it seems, I read it in magazines, read it numerous times a day on facebook, hear it from healthcare providers and I myself advocate it.

With all the hype around self care are we actually modeling this behavior? Are we allowing others to model this behaviors or are we allowing those other voices in our heads to rule. These voices can range from I don’t have time to I’m being selfish.

I’m often asked by my clients how often I get massages, I answer honestly that I don’t get them as often as I like. I do however get regular acupuncture, I do journal and I do take baths weekly to help me decompress from a long day. In addition I meditate almost everyday. Not only do I have to model this behavior I have to create space for others to advocate and implement self care that is in alignment with their lifestyle and nature.

I’m really proud of my 11-year daughter who often speaks for what she needs. Last month it was clear she could not go school that day. Not because she was sick but because having her menstruation is really intense for her. She was clearly exhausted and needed a down day. In that day of self care she slept as long as she needed to sleep, watched some tv, reflected on the quality of her friendships (completely boggles my mind), and got creative practicing her ballet.

We’ve been conditioned to not listen to what our body or spirit needs. Our bodies are amazing and talk to us all the time, we just need to listen.

After the birth of my daughter it seemed those 20 minutes of downtime were never enough. It seemed I needed hours, days of recovery. I wonder how much was due to being a parent or how long I’ve neglected myself. So start small and even if it doesn’t seem enough in time it will be. The key is practice and implementation. I started off with baths when I was stressed out. Over the years my daughter observed when I needed to take a break and often mentioned that I needed to take bath. She helped with stay on track with my self care, the more I incorporate self care, the more I have to give to her.

By modeling my self care, I created the space for my daughter to listen to her body and implement her own self care. This is huge and hopefully a lifetime of rewards for my daughter

Self care ideas may include but not limited to:
nightly baths
evening medition
taking walks
laying out in the sun
exercise (for those active one)
eating nourishing foods
taking a mental health day off from work
sleeping in

The possibilities are endless explore what works for you.

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