Welcome to Moonlight Healing and Massage where I strive to provide exceptional, personalized therapeutic massage to people interested in taking an active role in their health. I am located in the lovely Seattle neighborhoods of Fremont and Columbia City.  I assist busy parents and professionals unwind from their crazy hectic life. An intuitive bodyworker, I take special care to get to that problem spot while providing deep relaxation. I may ask questions in an effort to bring awareness and uncover the root cause of what I sense is going on in the tissues. I am skilled at accessing deep layers of muscles, working through muscles layers, creating a more lasting effect. I cater each massage session to your specific needs, ensuring that your body receives the support it requires to heal and nurture itself.

If you’re
*Currently having digestive issues
*Proactively wanting to de-stress, manage chronic pain or reduce anxiety
*Proactively heal underlying belief systems that have manifested in your body, release and heal trauma, past hurts, disappointments and loss
*Embark or continue the journey back to yourself. Explore the many facets that are you,shine brightly

I specialize in chronic pain, reducing anxiety & depression, muscle tension, digestive issues, and pregnancy.


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Angela,

    How have you been? I just saw you on LinkedIn and thought about you and Olivia. I hope things are going well. Just saying hello!


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